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We love to be challenged, to step out of our comfort zone, and for every challenge we have a specialized team who creates solutions in a modern, innovative and user-centered way. Create a real change for end-user and helping our clients be more successful is what drives us.

Chispa isologo

Our solutions are infused with empathy as well as insights for customer motivations, behaviors and values.

From start-ups to scale-ups, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes.



We help you define a cohesive visual identity that reflects what you do and connects with your clients.

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    Entrepreneurial Vision

    Entrepreneurial Vision

    A team of designers, engineers & creators with the thought and heart of founders. We work side by side to create excellent products as if they were our own.

    Agility and Flexibility

    Agility and Flexibility

    We move in a dynamic and agile way, so we can adapt us to the needs of our clients and build a strategic roadmap together.

    Non-negotiable Quality

    Non-negotiable Quality

    In this company, quality is not negotiable. We always seek excellence and deliver all our developments with pixel-perfect quality.

    Focus on Growth

    Focus on Growth

    Our goal is to help startups and large companies, so they can continue to scale, always focusing on people and business objectives.

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