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A new sustainability site for the biggest Latin American e-commerce.

We partnered with Mercado Libre once again to help them create a whole new sustainability site.

Our challenge this time? Overcome ourselves to present a modern, clear and visually stunning design centered on user experience.


Mercado Libre

Buenos Aires, Argentina




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ux design

discovery & wireframing

We learned in depth about the necessity to reflect the actual impact of the company in this project, developing a more simple but comprehensive report.

We decided together how to present complex statistics and numbers on a macro level, turning them into a powerful and easy-to-understand visual presentation at the individual user level.

style guide

organizing the identity

Understanding that Mercado Libre has a highly recognizable identity, we created our style guide based on colors and components very close to that of its main platform, to reinforce the brand concept.







visual design

a highly recognizable look & feel

We wanted to be on par with the aesthetics that Mercado Libre traditionally uses on its platforms, which is why we opted for an organized, spacious and highly recognizable design for its users.

White and yellow on high contrast, modern animations on interactive buttons and clean structure are some of the most notable aspects of the visual design of this project.

interaction design

a smooth & frictionless experience

We understand that Mercado Libre has a strong brand image, that makes people keep in mind a consistent user experience across all their sites.

We also understood that one of theirs core values (and ours) is to put the focus on people first. With that in mind, the interactions in the site revolved around promoting user experiences and striking and fluid transitions with a modern twist.

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