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A consulting platform lead by former-employees of Silicon Valley.

Mylance was born from the idea of empowering consultants, helping them to professionalize their work and achieve a more fulfilling life.

Our challenge was to optimize his business idea through a site that reflected his entrepreneurial vision of the world of consulting.



California, United States




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ux design

discovery & wireframes

Our work began by identifying the business needs that Mylance wanted to cover with this site redesign and the most important pain points that users of the platform may suffer.

By prioritizing these aspects, we were able to begin to lay the foundations for the general structure of the site, through the creation of the first wireframes that would serve as a starting point for our project.


UI, UX and branding

We believe strongly in the value of holistic thinking and extensible frameworks. We created a robust design system that enables product design and development at scale for future iterations.

We also planned the way users should interact with the product and created the principles to guide the desired experience through a clean visual and a characteristic color pallete.

design image

ux writing

plain & simple communication

We understood early on that some users might not be able to fully understand how the site would work. Is it a web page for human resources? Is it for consultants only?

With those questions in mind, we made communication across the entire project clear and easy, so people could understand how Mylance works early on and clear up their doubts about the company's core purposes.

interaction design

an experience full of fluent moments

We wanted to create a very smooth and frictionless user experience, which we did through transitions and interactions that didn't make people wait too long for a response from the site. Every link and every button in the site was created with that idea in mind.

Moving between a section, a menu, or a screen should be extremely fluid, with no delay, and that's what we've achieved across the entire platform.

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user interface

owning your space on the site

We wanted to create an experience that would lead people not only to enhance their consulting work, but also to provide them with a space where they feel they can explore all the possibilities of their business.

A friendly and close interface, adaptable and responsive, that generates a human feeling of welcome in users was one of the ideas that we raised from the beginning of the project.

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