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A diverse group of communication pros with focus set on business growth.

Selva is a digital agency that helps companies grow their business by designing digital solutions, planning ambitious campaigns and creating disruptive content that transforms data into results.

We partnered with them to design and build their new website, showcasing their new brand through an innovative design.

Our work includes delivering an elevated brand experience for the website as well as enhancing the visual identity through motion design, custom animations, and creating an impactful user experience.


Selva by Aleph

Buenos Aires, Argentina




    UX/UIWeb DesignDevelopmentDesign ThinkingCopywritingMotion DesignFrontend Web DevelopmentCMS Implementation

the journey

understading the challenge

Selva hired us with the objective of helping them communicate their creative DNA, processes, ways of working, value proposition and the importance of being part of Aleph Holding, a leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging countries.

That's why from Chispa we worked closely with Selva's team to achieve swift and impactful results thought design innovation.

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design strategy

effective communication

We developed several concepts to construct the visual narrative and create the best possible communication and experience.

We created a single guide grouping together every element needed to build Selva’s digital solution and allow for future iteration. The playbook identifies the main components and the principles of their interaction.

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visual design

an elevated site experience

We design websites that entice users to keep scrolling and exploring. We designed Selva’s visual language through a blend of a signature logotype, bold typography, and illustrative language.

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responsive & easy to update

We code in JavaScript, that’s why the fully website was built with Nextjs + Strapi to ensure superior performance and convenience for administration.

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